Inclusive Digitalization for Rural Development.

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Bring significant change to rural areas. Transform lives, enhance climate resilience, and open new opportunities for your business.
Together, let’s build a sustainable future for rural communities while fostering economic growth.

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All the solutions we develop take into account the local realities and constraints in African rural areas while striving to provide the best based on the latest emerging digital technologies.


We are an organization propelled by a profound mission and a commitment to the well-being of rural communities in Côte d’Ivoire and throughout the West African sub-region. Our identity is shaped by our passion for positive change, the empowerment of rural populations, and the promotion of sustainable development.

Over Two Thousand Users of Our Solutions
Over 50 Agricultural Cooperative Organizations
For absolute illiterates and elementary readers.


We utilize the latest cutting-edge digital technologies to ensure a greater impact of our solutions on rural populations.

Empowering Rural Communities for a Sustainable Future

The well-being of rural populations is the cornerstone of our commitment at ADARA. We place the needs of these communities at the heart of our activities because we understand that their resilience and prosperity are essential for building a sustainable future. We strive to create technological solutions that are not only innovative but have a real impact on the lives of rural populations. Every day, we work with passion and determination to provide information, training, and resources that improve livelihoods, strengthen climate resilience, and contribute to food security for these communities. At ADARA, we believe that the well-being of rural populations is a moral imperative and a key to a better future.


Their financial, technical, administrative, and strategic support makes our platform indispensable today.


Interventions that testify to the relevance of our inclusive digital approach in African rural areas.

Sarah Crawford,
    Sarah Crawford,

    National Coordinator for the American Conflict Prevention and Stabilization Promotion Strategy (SPCPS), U.S. Department of State.

    “ADARA shows us that with simple technological tools, we can achieve great things.”

    Kane Satou Epse Koffi
      Kane Satou Epse Koffi

      Founder of the NGO Flambeau Ivoire

      “OUKAMY offers inclusive digital approaches that can have a significant impact on the social inclusion of women in rural areas.”

      Dr Koua Sama Herve
        Dr Koua Sama Herve

        Founder and CEO of SANIV

        “It is essential for smallholders to make small local agricultural transformations to avoid food losses and optimize their incomes. In this regard, OUKAMY remains an excellent solution to train them optimally and efficiently.”

        Feel free to send us an email as well !


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